100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus Essential Oil


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A powerful Australian native, Eucalyptus (eucalyptus radiata) essential oil is used all over the world for its medicinal and aromatherapy benefits.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil is known to help clear the mind, promote relaxation and allow for clear breathing and open airways. 

Use: add 3-4 drops into a diffuser to purify the air and help stave off bugs. May also help clear nasal passages and relieve mental exhaustion.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil can be used around the home to help disinfect surfaces and floors. 

Use: add 8-10 drops to bucket of hot water and use to clean floors.

For a multi-purpose surface cleanser, mix 100ml white vinegar, 200ml hot water, 1/8 tsp non-bleach based dish detergent and 5-7 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a spray bottle and use around the home.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil is known to help fight infection, treat wounds, fight inflammation and promote healing. 

Use: DO NOT apply Essential Oils directly to your skin. Mix essential oils with a high-quality carrier oil such as Jojoba Oil before applying to skin. We recommend a 1% dilution (6 drops per 30ml of carrier).

Never ingest essential oils. If you experience any negative side effects, such as redness or discomfort, discontinue use immediately. 



100% natural Eucalyptus (eucalyptus radiata) essential oil